FaceVACS Sentry

FaceVACS® Sentry is the World’s first embedded web server system device with built-in face recognition, access control and time & attendance applications. Embedded server system device supports dual factor user authentication: Face Recognition and Contact-less Smart Card (or other RF-ID token) Authentication.

FaceVACS® Sentry is the standard product of FaceVACS® Sentry series of facial recognition appliance product. FaceVACS® Sentry offers simple and turnkey solution of automatic facial recognition. With exceptionally asethetic European design, FaceVACS® Sentry will be productive within minutes after it is installed – just fix it near the door, connect it with power, network connection and electric lock: It’s all done and FaceVACS® Sentry will be your sentry to safeguard your premise.

You only need to scan your smart card (Mifare®, EM or HID®), take a glance at the 3.5” compact TFT full colour LCD screen, and you will be authenticated within a second. The door will unlock to let you pass through. It is speedy and secure. FaceVACS® Sentry run primarily on TCP/IP protocol, which is reliable, secure and easy to connect to third-party system, such as building automation system and human resources management software. Configuration and report-viewing can be done out-of-the-box via standard web browser (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Netscape® or FireFox®). All the transaction records are backed up with a snapshot of access seeker to provide irrefutable audit trail. Built-in APIs allow software developers to integrate FaceVACS® Sentry with third-party application or gain more precise control on the system.


  • Based on latest and leading FaceVACS® technology, from Cognitec Germany
  • True plug-and-play appliance perfect for access control and Time-and-Attendance application
  • Dual-factor authentication (right token and right face) for extra security level
  • True contact-less operation for easy-of-use and lessened public hygiene concern
  • Exceptional Speed: less than 1 second
  • Built-in Ethernet connection and TCP/IP stack – easy to integrate with corporate LAN and other PC workstation or server
  • Available Dual Face Operation for in and out access control
  • Available external Keypad with integrated card reader
  • Built-in “Master/Slave” mode – enroll once and get access through any Slave appliance in a FaceVACS® Sentry ensemble
  • Offline operation is possible. Transaction logs will be synchronized with Master Sentry when connection resume – 100% automatically
  • Built-in web server – configuration and report-viewing via standard web browser
  • Cross platform compatibility; no need to install special software on any workstations
  • All logs are time-stamped and backed by snapshot photo
  • Transaction logs can be exported in XML or Excel format right from the browser
  • Built-in complete set of API for custom application development or integration
  • Provide dry contact, which is Compatible with most electric locks, turnstile or automatic gate
  • Custom modification or special integration service available upon request
  • Additional License package available for larger enrollee database
  • CE, FCC, NCC certified

Technical Specification

Model no.: FVS21220M(M – Mifare® versionE – EM, H – HID® )
Enrollment Capacity: 500 enrollees
Power: Input:100-120VAC 2.8A 200-240VAC 1.6A
Display: 3.5" TFT 262K colour LCD
Camera Sensor type: 1/3" CCD
CameraResolution: 640*480 pixel
Number of Department: 300 (standard version)
Protocol: TCP/IP
Operating Temperature: 0º C TO 50º C
Operating Humidity: 5% - 85% RH
Storage capacity: 1GB Compact Flash roughly 15,000 records (snapshot included)
Network Interface: Ethernet (100BaseT)
External Control: Dry contact

Wall-mount unit 391mm x 130mm x 55mm

Controller unit 362mm x 285mm x 65mm


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