FaceVACS Mobile

Face Recognition Anytime, Anywhere!
World’s First Face Recognition on the Move!

Face Recognition relies on high computation power, and normally the highest mobility you can think of is performing it in a notebook computer, which can be carried around. However perception need a big change. FaceVACS Mobile is the revolutionary product in face recognition. With FaceVACS Mobile, spatial limitation is not an issue anymore.

By separating the database and recognition engine from the capture device, FaceVACS Mobile can perfrom face recognition anywhere on Earth with cellular phone network reception. The FaceVACS Mobile is compatible on any mobile phone with camera using Symbian 60 platform, Windows Mobile 6.0 operation system or the latest iPhone 2G/3G.

The simple operation ensures everyone is able to use it. Just take a snapshot of your target, and it automatically send out for verification with results feedback within a minute.

FaceVACS Mobile provide the best possible solution for face recognition on the move.

Features at a glance

  • Recognition engine: Same FaceVACS® technology as used by government and corporations. Face Recognition Vendor Test 2002 and 2006 top performer.
  • Use mobile phone with Windows Mobile 6.0, Symbian or iPhone 2G/3G with camera.
  • Identification result feedback in around 15 second (GPRS)/6 seconds with Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Natural facial progression will not compromise system accuracy.
  • Enrolment photo from the mobile phone to the database.
  • Hidden Encryption: Encrypt a file and masks it with an image file type so that only authorized users can retrieve its true content, while it appears as a normal file to others.

Technical Facts

iPhone 2G,3G (firmware 1.3,2.0,2.2)/Windows Mobile 6/Symbian Series 60
Recommended hardware requirement Mobile with camera
Speed Face Identification: ~15 sec. with GPRS/~6 sec. with WIFI
Faceprint size 1K Bytes per user
Pose Tilt: +/- 15 deg.
Roll: +/- 15 deg.
Yaw: +/- 20 deg.
Race/Gender No restriction
Robustness to variability Robust with respect to changes in facial expression, facial hair, hairstyle, etc.
Can work with eyeglasses provided the eyes are visible
Except in extreme condition, lighting effect is not significant
Background Distraction
Independent of background


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