FaceVACS Logon Vista

Forget passwords!
Protect your privacy with your Face

FaceVACS Logon Vista is your safeguard to your new computer with Windows Vista operation system.  Despite it is the latest OS available on the market, logon still relies on traditional passowrd.  Passwords are vunerable and unsecure.  If it is simple and easy to remember, there is not much security.  If it is too complicated, user may not remember and ultimatelty have it written down, which loses the originial intention and becomes unsecure. 

However if the computer actively recognize you, everything becomes simple and secure.  FaceVACS Logon Vista is the true solution to computer security.  Just sit in front of the computer, the computer recognize you and unlock your computer in seconds.  It is the most user friendly ever login system. 

FaceVACS Logon Vista enable you to switch users on demand, enabling share using the same computer while still maintaining password free condition.  FaceVACS Logon Vista also protect your files by encryption.  Your face is the only decription key.  The password manager of your browser also use your face as password, making your internet security better than ever.

With FaceVACS Logon Vista remembering password is history!

Features at a glance

  • Recognition engine: Same FaceVACS® technology as used by government and corporations. Face Recognition Vendor Test 2002 and 2006 top performer
  • Verification in less than one second
  • Audit Trail: Capture all unauthorized login attempts (with images of trespassers and hackers) and available for post-event check
  • Use standard web camera
  • Face Learning: Learn your latest face whenever you login. Natural facial progression will not compromise system accuracy.
  • Hidden Encryption: Encrypt a file and masks it with an image file type so that only authorized users can retrieve its true content, while it appears as a normal file to others.

Technical Facts

Windows Vista with DirectX10
Recommended hardware requirement CPU: 2.4 GHz
Free Hard disk: 250 MB
Speed Face Detection: 0.05 sec.
Face Verification: 0.30 sec.
No. of user 10
Database Native in proprietary format with industry-standard encryption
Input USB / Built in Web Cam with Direct Show Support
Faceprint size 1K Bytes per user
Pose Tilt: +/- 15 deg.
Roll: +/- 15 deg.
Yaw: +/- 20 deg.
Race/Gender No restriction
Robustness to variability Robust with respect to changes in facial expression, facial hair, hairstyle, etc.
Can work with eyeglasses provided the eyes are visible
Except in extreme condition, lighting effect is not significant
Background Distraction
Independent of background


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