Our first generation of face recognition access control appliance, named FaceVACS-Sentry, was first launched in 2005. It was a real breakthrough back then. A true turnkey solution to provide face recognition access control out of the box was unseen before the launch of FaceVACS-Sentry. FaceVACS-Sentinel replaced FaceVACS-Sentry in 2008 to provide 1:N identification on top of 1:1 verification, and provide compensation lighting to make the device easier to deploy and provide better recognition accuracy. For many years, FaceVACS-Sentinel is still the top choice of clients who place security, reliability, scalability and manageability in first place. A long impressive list of users from Airports, Bank Data Centres, Real Estate, and Gambling Management industry is testimonial of the outstanding value and reliability of Sentry device.

The device is now re-branded as FaceSentry™ to mark our relentless pursuit for excellent quality of face recognition appliance produced by iWT to enter another new stage.

We build FaceSentry around the world’s leading face recognition algorithm FaceVACS® from Cognitec. A list of new features were introduced to maximize the accuracy and reliability of the system, such as fully embedded Linux system with web service, full TCP/IP stack, comprehensive Wiegand protocol support, Master-Slave data synchronization algorithm to achieve one simple aim: manageable security with connectivity & scalability.

Re-designed front panel, powered by TI OMAP, a true self-sustained embedded platform, to provide robust & high quality image capture that leads to better recognition accuracy. Besides, as front panel connects to Recognition Controller via standard Ethernet, location of Controller will not longer be limited to vicinity of front panel, but far away dedicated ELV room for better security.

Portrait camera and 4.3” LCD provides ultra-wide coverage of different heights of users. The front panel device supports rich media display and Unicode characters display, besides it is a touch screen, developers have more possibility to build sophisticated application before or after the user authentication.

Major Features:

  • Major upgrade to latest recognition algorithm: World’s leading technology from Cognitec Systems GmbH Germany True plug-and-play appliance perfect for access control and Time-and-Attendan
  • Major upgrade to latest recognition algorithm: World’s leading technology from Cognitec Systems GmbH Germany
  • True plug-and-play appliance perfect for access control and Time-and-Attendance application
  • Improved frontal panel design: Connect front panel with Recognition Controller by standard Ethernet for easier installation, easier support, and more flexible to deploy
  • New 4.3” touch LCD support Unicode text, graphics & video display to provide more interactive user interface
  • Exceptional Speed: less than 1.5 second (1:1 verification)
  • Improved cameras for better quality of captured images that lead to better recognition accuracy
  • Improved LED compensation light further enhance recognition performance in low light condition
  • Built-in Ethernet connection and TCP/IP stack – easy to integrate with corporate LAN and other PC workstation or server
  • Available Dual Face Operation for in and out access control
  • Built-in “Master/Slave” mode – enroll once and get access through any Slave appliance in a FaceVACS® Sentinel ensemble
  • Offline operation is possible. Transaction logs will be synchronized with Master Sentinel when connection resume – 100% automatically
  • Built-in web server – configuration and report-viewing via standard web browser
  • Cross platform compatibility; no need to install special software on any workstations
  • All logs are time-stamped and backed by snapshot photo
  • Transaction logs can be exported in XML or Excel format right from the browser
  • Built-in complete set of API for custom application development or integration
  • Provide dry contact, which is Compatible with most electric locks, turnstile or automatic gate
  • Custom modification or special integration service available upon request
  • Additional License package for larger enrollee database
  • CE, FCC, NCC certified

Technical Specification

Model no.: FVS50220M(M – Mifare® versionE – EM, H – HID® )
Enrollment Capacity: 500 enrollees
Power: Input:100~240V Max. 20W (front panel) 24W (recognition controller)
Display: 4.3" TFT LCD portrait touch panel (pressure)
Camera Sensor type & Resolution: 1/3" CMOS 480 x 720 pixel
Valid range of Height 127cm (chin) – 188 cm (head)
Number of Department: 300 (standard version, extensible upon request)
Protocol: TCP/IP
Operating Temperature: 0º C TO 50º C
Operating Humidity: 5% - 85% RH
Storage capacity: 4GB Compact Flash roughly 15,000 records (snapshot included)
Network Interface: Ethernet (100BaseT)
External Control: Dry contact
Compensation Lighting White LED panel

Front Panel:  115mm x 480mm x 45mm (WxHxD)

Recognition Controller:  335mm x 370mm x 70mm (WxHxD)



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