System Integration

No matter how high quality the image, no matter how detailed the data, the interface that users operate must be flawlessly integrated to achieve results. Gatekeeper has made access to their suite of intelligence based optical inspection and recognition systems simple and easy to integrate with other products and PSIMs. Additional information like law enforcement vehicle watch lists or driver registration information can also be easily sent to Gatekeeper AUVIS to enhance the inspection process and give security guards more timely information for better screening decisions.

The Gatekeeper Service Interconnect Protocol (GSIP)

The Gatekeeper Service Interconnect Protocol (GSIP) was designed to allow for an easily scalable and customizable suite of solutions. The GSIP Service Manager module was created to provide a flexible interface between the suite of Gatekeeper technologies and a client created program. It allows 3rd parties to develop their own modules to interact with the existing Gatekeeper suite of applications. All the required applications and their supporting files are provided to allow the development and testing of the 3rd party interface prior to the actual system installation.

The system can be integrated with typical Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) and Video Management (VMS) systems. Gatekeeper technology is compatible with a full range of entry control point technologies, including:

  • Biometric systems such as fingerprint scanning
  • Facial recognition technologies
  • License plate reader systems, including Gatekeeper’s own LPR System
  • Driver camera systems, including Gatekeeper’s own DriverCam System
  • RFID identifiers
  • Smart Card readers,
  • Barriers, including road blockers, cats claw, and bollards
  • Many other entry control point technologies.

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