Container Code Reader

Gatekeeper Security’s Container Code Reader provides a fast, efficient means to turn a high-resolution image of container codes into an alpha-numeric data file. The Container Code Reader is a highly-effective container number recognition device that is uniquely suited for a full range of application in ports and various transportation situations.


Container code recognition presents unique challenges over similar character recognition applications, such as license plate reader systems. Non-uniform illumination and other challenges make getting a readable image file a more difficult task. Making use of Gatekeeper’s advanced character recognition technology, the code reader utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that quickly and accurately decodes the image into useable data. The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is tuned to meet the unique attributes needed for your specific container code application.

The Gatekeeper Container Code Reader System is non-invasive, fast, and efficient

The use of the Container Code Reader system can dramatically improve operations in a range of industries. Using the Gatekeeper Container Code Reader system can create a paperless workflow, avoid errors with the manual process of recording codes, save a man-hours, and improve code recording accuracy.


  • Automatic container inventory and tracking for ports and other transportation industries
  • Container terminal inventory management
  • Tracking and management of containers for border control
  • Determining damage to containers
  • Detecting containers of interest

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