Automatic Train Undercarriage Inspection

Gatekeeper’s GKR-TR11 Automatic Train Undercarriage Inspection System automatically scans each train car’s undercarriage and provides a high-resolution scan of each car. The high resolution scans display virtual 3D images of each train car as they cross the scanning platform.  Unlike recorded video streams and line scanning systems, Gatekeeper’s technology does not rely heavily on the knowledge, attention span, and intervention of the human operator, but instead scans each car automatically and highlights areas of change.

How Does Gatekeeper’s Automatic Train Undercarriage Inspection Technology Work?

Gatekeeper’s Automatic Train Undercarriage Inspection technology rapidly scans a train car’s undercarriage and automatically:

  • Identifies the type of car, including boxcars, refrigerated boxcars, flatcars, tankers, container carriers, gondolas, hoppers, center partition railcars, auto transporters and more
  • Detects any foreign objects or modifications
  • Highlights these changes
  • Alerts personnel of any anomalies or threats – all in a matter of seconds

Trains pass over the patented dual-view scanner which is embedded between the train rails. Two high-resolution, virtual 3-D digital images of each car’s undercarriage are compiled to create each car’s fingerprint. The use of two views makes it easier to see objects hidden on top of an axle or crossbeam.

As each car clears the scanning device Gatekeeper’s Automatic Foreign Object Detection software takes between 2-3 seconds to automatically compare the scanned image to a “safe” rail car image stored in the system database. If any threatening foreign objects or modifications to the undercarriage are detected, the system then immediately places a red ring around them (see below) AND activates an alarm.


The components of the GKR-TR11 Automatic Under Train Inspection System (AUTIS) include:

  • Embedded platform scanning unit that fits between train rails
  • IP68 rated dual-view scanning system (includes AUVIS image stitching software and automatic change detection software)
  • Database
  • Embedded networking capability to connect to LAN/WAN remote units nearby, across town, or around the world
  • Integrated devices (cameras, RFID and or AEI tag readers, etc.),
  • 21.5? daylight readable, LED backlit, touch screen operator terminal

System Integration

The GKR-TR11 Automatic Train Car Undercarriage Inspection System can be integrated with central servers to maintain a central database of train undercarriage images for references and tracking of train activities. In combination with Gatekeeper’s Container Code Reader (CCR) train carriages can be linked to the containers they are carrying along with a link back to a trains manifest.


Gatekeeper’s GKR-TR11 Automatic Train Car Undercarriage Inspection System is ideal for permanent, non-intrusive installation in:

  • Passenger train stations
  • Loading and unloading points
  • Bridge crossings
  • Border crossings

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