FaceVACS-VideoScan detects and identifies persons of interest in real time while computing demographic and behavioral data, supporting security staff, marketing departments and operations management in one application.

The application detects people’s faces in live video streams or video footage and stores video sequences of cropped faces (face streams) for each appearance in front of a camera.

Anonymous analysis of all face streams over time allows the software to compute people count, demographical information, people movement in time and space, and to detect frequent visitors and crowds.

FaceVACS-VideoScan also performs real-time identity checks against image databases to find known persons and alert appropriate staff.


  • tracks multiple faces simultaneously
  • compares faces against image galleries in real time
  • displays real-time signals when user-defined events occur
  • displays and exports statistics about people flow, visitor demographics, and client behavior
  • sends signals and statistics to mobile devices
  • supports interactive enrollment from still image and live video stream
  • includes integrator kit for video systems, including C++ API and web services API
  • provides high scalability in terms of watch list size, number of video streams and number of visible faces

New: Recorded media import and advanced investigation tools

The 5.3 product version introduces a user-friendly interface to quickly import sets of video and image files and then carry out detailed investigations. For example, security and law enforcement agents can upload videos recorded at a specific location and time to track possible participants in a crime.

Users can find a person enrolled in an image database or search for an unknown person and locate their appearances in multiple videos. Person searches can also make use of filters that specify age ranges, gender, ethnicity and glasses. FaceVACS-VideoScan processes recorded video files even faster than live camera streams.

Technical information

  • supports IP cameras, USB and FireWire cameras via DirectShow drivers
  • supports IP and GigEVision cameras
  • runs on Windows and Linux (see specification for versions)
  • uses PostgreSQL database

FaceVACS-VideoScan C5

Cognitec now offers a highly specialized IP video camera with built-in face detection and tracking technology as a component of its FaceVACS-VideoScan product, therefore eliminating the need to identify and source suitable cameras. The FaceVACS-VideoScan C5 camera provides optimal image quality for real-time face recognition, even under challenging conditions, while requiring low computing hardware and bandwidth resources.


  • provides high image quality of machine vision cameras while using bandwidth and network structures for surveillance cameras
  • optimal integration with FaceVACS-VideoScan
  • migrates video processing intelligence of the stream processor into the input device
  • performs real-time, gapless face detection/tracking of multiple faces
  • generates lossless, cropped video streams (face streams) for all faces appearing in front of the camera
  • offers integrated camera control for optimized exposure on the face area
  • supports RTSP/H.264 video streams for integration with digital video recording systems

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