FaceVACS-PortraitAcquisition streamlines the production of high-quality photos for ID documents that are suitable for face recognition. The product features a graphical user interface to visually manage and operate the acquisition process and assess key technical characteristics such as frontal pose, uniform lighting, glasses and open eyes.
The software is able to check all mandatory requirements and best practice recommendations of ISO 19794-5 standard full frontal image type, and other international standards. The application supports web services (SOAP) for easy integration into existing document issuing processes and applications.


  • reliable automated acquisition process
  • checks frontal pose, eyes open, wearing glasses, uniform lighting, head size, head position, image dimensions, mouth open, head rotation, tinted glasses, red eye, eye gaze frontal, exposure, grey scale, skin color, hot spots, sharpness
  • clear graphical user interface
  • configurable parameters and thresholds
  • support for selected DSLR and industrial cameras (contact us for a list of supported cameras)
  • flexible image cropping
  • configurable output (image size, image type, image format)
  • flexible integration into customer workflow via web services

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