FaceVACS-Entry combines smart hardware for image acquisition with market-leading software for verification processes, and is ready for integration into electronic gates (eGates) at border control checkpoints. The technology allows travelers to complete self-service border control procedures in less than 15 seconds.

The system detects the person’s face, adjusts the position of the cameras according to the person’s height and then captures best-quality images that guarantee high verification accuracy. The software instantly verifies the live images against biometric photos stored in passports, other ID documents and/or facial image databases.

A proprietary sensor, able to distinguish between human faces and artifacts like printed images and masks, detects presentation attacks.


  • consists of face recognition software and panel hardware and firmware
  • modular, flexible design
  • mobile unit moves into optimal vertical position based on face location in less than 2 seconds
  • monitor shows live image of the person and displays user instructions
  • proprietary sensor detects presentation attacks (masks, printed images, video material)
  • incorporates Cognitec’s latest face recognition algorithm
  • industry-leading accuracy levels: 0.1 % false acceptance rate, at less than 2 % false rejection rate
  • user-friendly interface for easy integration
  • installs onto certified glass surfaces or can be ordered with glass cover

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